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Idaho Legal Assistance for Victims Initiative

We partner with Idaho Legal Aid Services to provide free civil legal representation to individuals who have been sexually assaulted that have a civil legal need arising from the sexual assault. The following is an overview of the type of assistance that can be offered:

  • Privacy: An attorney may be able to assist an individual who has been impacted by sexual assault in protecting their right to privacy by requesting notice and/or challenging a subpoena for records, and ensuring service providers understand the laws governing privacy.

  • Safety: An attorney can work with an individual’s campus or school, landlord or local housing authority, and employers to create safety plans, and/or request accommodations to increase safety and well-being.

  • Housing: An attorney may be able to negotiate with a landlord or housing authority to allow an individual to terminate a lease or transfer a lease to a different location. Individuals have the right not to be discriminated against in housing because they were impacted by sexual assault.

  • Financial: Individuals may have experienced a financial loss as a result of the assault, including a loss of income and money spent for medical bills and counseling. An attorney may be able to help apply for public assistance and can help determine if a third party could be held liable for the sexual assault.

  • Employment: An attorney can help enforce an individual’s right not to be discriminated against by their employer as a result of the sexual assault. An attorney can help secure leave, unemployment insurance, accommodations, enhance the safety of a work environment, or a transfer of an individual or the perpetrator or dismissal of the perpetrator.

  • Education: As a result of the sexual assault an individual may have missed or dropped out of school, had difficulty maintaining grades, lost financial aid or tuition assistance, or experienced other academic, social, or cultural problems. An attorney may be able negotiate with a school to make accommodations to assist individuals. Additionally, an attorney may be able to assist in a student disciplinary action against the offender and enforce the rights individuals have under federal law.

  • Immigration: Individuals may be entitled to a U-Visa, which allows victims of certain crimes to stay and/or work in the United States (and can lead to permanent residency) if they assist in the investigation or prosecution of a crime. An attorney may be able to assist in working with immigration officials to allow someone to stay in the United States to finish school or continue at their job. A civil attorney may assist in ensuring that an individual’s legal status is not used against them.

  • Crime Victim’s Rights: An attorney can be hired at any time to assist in navigating the criminal justice system and enforcing rights under the Idaho Crime Victims’ Rights Act. A civil attorney cannot bring criminal charges against the offender. The prosecutor in the location where the crime was committed has the sole authority and discretion to determine whether or not to file criminal charges.

Idaho Legal Aid's Domestic Violence Legal Advice Line is 877-500-2980. Our case managers on staff can help guide you; call (208) 733-0100 for assistance.

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