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Our Mission & Values

Voices Against Violence envisions a community free from gender and sexual violence. Our mission is to empower individuals who have experienced violence. We achieve our vision and mission through the following objectives:


Voices Against Violence is committed to providing safety for those who have experienced violence and are at risk.  Voices Against Violence offers safety through providing a secure and confidential shelter to help survivors of violence heal.


Voices Against Violence seeks to provide emotional and mental health support for survivors through hotline, crisiscounseling, and individual and group counseling for adults and children affected by violence. 


Voices Against Violence believes that a critical component of healing involves building self-confidence, personal strength, and esteem.  Clients who enter our program are encouraged to learn how to solve problems and stand on their own.

Dignity & Worth

Voices Against Violence believes that every person has value and worth.  Regardless of background and past mistakes, every person is worthy of belonging.


Voices Against Violence supports survivors through accompaniment through the healing process, crisis intervention, legal information, resources, and case management.


Voices Against Violence seeks to provide outreach and education to the community to prevent violence.  Voices Against Violence seeks to collaborate with community partners in criminal justice, law enforcement, education, and health fields to most effectively support survivors.



Voices Against Violence believes that survivors of violence find healing by taking control of their healing.  Often people who have been victimized are stripped of their power to make those decisions on their own through the abuse process.  clients lead the way to choose the path that is right for them. 



Voices Against Violence believes that connection is a critical component of healing.  Survivors do best when they know they are not alone and have formed strong and healthy relationships.  voices is committed to building and facilitating these relationships with survivors.

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