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Counseling Services

What is Counseling/Therapy?
Therapy is based on a joint effort and relationship between you and a therapist to work towards common goals. Goals in therapy are directed and defined by you. A therapist provides a supportive, non-judgmental environment with specific training in different types of therapeutic approaches/modalities to help you overcome many different types of difficulties and find solutions to help you live more full, happy, and
productive lives. It is provided by a licensed mental health professional
utilizing various evidenced-based methods including Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Crisis Based Interventions, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Solution-focused therapies. 

Life skills classes  
Select Mondays, 6 - 7 pm

Refugee women's group
Tuesdays,  3 - 5 pm 

Women's Trauma support group

Tuesdays,  6 - 8 pm 

victims of violence Spanish support group

Wednesdays, 6 - 8 pm (Virtual)

Creative healing

Thursdays,  6 - 8 pm 

Call 208.733.0100 if you ARE INTERESTED IN COUNSELING


Meals provided at groups

Childcare is provided at groups. Childcare can be provided upon request for individual counseling sessions.

Support groups for children available, inquire within.

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