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All things are possible...

Just imagine the things we are capable of accomplishing when we choose to believe they are actually possible. This is the first step in achieving your goals, hopes, and dreams. When you take this optimism, and couple it with action and teamwork, all sorts of things become a possibility! We should be bold and confident, with an attitude of expectancy!

Lack of confidence, indecision, and worry only bring about frustration that is counter-productive and can be detrimental to our success, as it interferes with our ability to focus, think creatively, or progressively. We should commit, first to ourselves, and then to someone else who will help to hold us accountable for participating in our own rescue and ultimate success.

We make a decision to succeed (and that's your own definition of success); we choose to take action to make that happen; and we adopt a genuine sense of expectancy, as the laws of attraction indicate we will attract what we expect and put into the universe. So, be careful with your words, because you just might get what you ask for!

Do not worry about the challenges or struggles associated with striving to reach your goals, as that is called life on life's terms. You will survive that...just stay focused. You should be aware that there is a blessing inside the struggle that allows you to courageously push through, and live boldly, as you achieve your dreams! Your responsibility is to keep moving forward, push through the pain, and remember that all things are possible if you choose to believe it, do the work, and surround yourself with people who will help you to stay motivated, on task, and accomplish your wildest dreams, one step at a time, with expectancy!

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