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Operating in My Purpose - Are You Operating in Yours?

We hear you. We really care. We can help. We are Voices Against Violence.

Being aware that I am the writer of my own story, and I get to actively participate in my various experiences, challenges, and successes, I have chosen to operate within my purpose of being the best version of me that I can be, and that includes being of maximum service to my fellow man, woman, or child. That mindset is what has brought me to Voices Against Violence and the Magic Valley of Idaho. I am here to fulfill my purpose of helping others, directly and indirectly, as they navigate this journey called life. This is a gift which we all possess, if only we are willing to recognize it, take hold of it, and run with it!

YOU are the writer of your own story, as well; and you get to be intentional about the role you play in the mini-series of your life, despite the hardships, challenges, or difficulties. We choose, by our thoughts, actions, and decisions, the path that we will take, and that way, when adversity falls upon us, we are ready to accept the challenge, step out on our personal faith, and make the best decisions possible for our health, happiness, and success. We are willing to get up, when we have fallen down; and we are willing to ask for help when we need it.

We hear you. We really care. We can help. We are Voices Against Violence.

We know the road is not necessarily easy, nor fair, but there are people with really big hearts, and a passion for helping others, who are willing to be of service as they operate within their purpose - to help YOU! Voices Against Violence has a dedicated and committed staff of professionals who are passionate about their work and this community. We will bend over backwards to ensure your safety and help you get back on the road of re-discovering your own purpose.

Everything starts with a decision. Actively decide to improve your life, one circumstance at a time. Take the necessary steps to make your dreams come true so you can experience life to the fullest! You will find that positive attitude will help catapult you into a place of progress, determination, and tenacity, causing your confidence to build and your accomplishments (big and small) to begin really adding up!

You can do this! Go for it; and if you have not already done so, please subscribe below to stay informed and inspired. Let's keep it moving in 2022!

We hear you. We really care. We can help. We are Voices Against Violence.

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I love this. I hope to build on this content in our Survivors Group starting in October. Can't wait to "operate in my purpose" and add value to the clients of Voices Against Violence. Blessings for all the good that you do.

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